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Ye Tian Xie / Ye Tian is the main protagonist of Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven and a player of "Destiny"


Almost A Perfect Face With A Pair Of Grey Eyes Filled With Coldness And Indifference. Extremely handsome with tall and sturdy stature.


Protective to his loved ones. Kind towards those that deserve it while ruthless towards those he deems his enemies.


His family was killed when he was 4 years old by unknown enemies. His older brother sacrificed himself in order to let him escape. Since then he lived alone until he met "her".

Ye TianXie had lived 3 different lives being reincarnated twice. His first life was as the Strongest God, Su Ye who wielded the Moment of Destiny. His second life was as Long Tian in the Heavenly Realm. His third life was as Ye Tian on earth.


Ye TianXie is a young adult living in Beijing. He was formally known as the strongest VR player in China, Tian Mo Xie. His username was taken by another and went with the username "Xie Tian" when he created a user for "Destiny".

Later he found out 'Tian Mo Xie' is being used by a person from Wings of Shrouded Heaven made him want to destroy them.

He underwent 7 sins trial with Nameless's help. (ch-288)


  • Low Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • High Level
  • Spiritual Level (Spiritual Grade)
  • Heaven Level (Heavenly Grade)
  • Divine Level (Mysterious God)
  • Saint Level (Saint Extermination)
  • True God (Protoss and God Wild) *